Who should do the foot power program?

You should do it if you’re interested in a fitness program that promotes strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

Of course, you should do it if you want to make significant changes to your entire foot, as well as your foot alignment and gait. It’s not a new program – we’ve been doing it for years! And we’re happy to help you find the best exercise program for you.

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Why Shouldn’t I Do It? Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it alone! If you’re just starting to exercise, it can be easy to give up when the first week is over. Don’t do it alone! We need your guidance too! Just because you did it once doesn’t mean that you should do it again! If you decide to continue doing it alone, make sure that you join our private Facebook group, take a look at some of your friends that have already done the foot power program, and try to get them to join you! We’d love to be a part of your exercise routine, and we’re glad that you’re interested in a different way of exercising!

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Power ankle to foot and body weight on the toes is a unique way to exercise your feet. That’s right – it’s a way to exercise them while you maintain a good body alignment and good foot biomechanics. You might also want to try the Foot Power app so that you can get in shape and improve your foot health. Our foot power program is a unique and different way to exercise your feet that’s easy to follow and doesn’t take you a long time to become fit.