This article about self care

It is more than just eating healthy, getting enough sleep or exercising.

We are all experts on how to care for ourselves when we sleep on planes, travel to distant places, and when we go to bed before the sun. But we sometimes fail when it comes to caring for ourselves when we are at home, even when we may have the resources to treat ourselves with love or to be mindful of our own well-being.

Jumping rope

To care for yourself takes a conscious, loving presence. It is self-compassion, it is self-awareness and it is the ability to know that you are worthy of taking good care of yourself while having moments of self-judgement when you may not be happy, or you may find that you are eating too much or too little, or not doing enough or too much exercise like jump rope training. To care for you self is about taking care of your overall well-being while making decisions about how to love yourself.

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Most of us care for ourselves in some way, if not all, and yet many of us struggle with this. How will you care for yourself? What will be different about how you are caring for yourself? What is the shift you see? What it the jump rope technique you want to practice next?