How to find time to do what you love

Make time for your dreams by setting a few guidelines:

1. You have to make time for the long-term. The easiest way to set the foundation for your dreams is to commit to them to the long-term. Set a time you’ll commit to work on it each week, month, year, decade, and century. By keeping a long-term perspective, you’ll understand how much time is in front of you, and you’ll be more confident in your ability to make time for your dreams.

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2. Take a step back. You’ve already got a vision of the life you want to live, but you need to take a step back. The more you work on your dreams, the more you’ll understand and love the life you’ve got, and the more time you’ll spend in this life of yours.


3. Work on your dreams for a few minutes in each day. If you’ve got a goal, figure out how to make one small change in your life each day. You might be a little hungry, or you might be a little tired from working late at the office, or you might be a little sore from all the jump roping you did today. Whatever it is, make a small change today. Take a few minutes to do the small thing that makes you smile or feels good. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but it does have to be a small change. Do it just once every day.


4. Start today. If you start making changes today, you’ll know each month when to stop working on your dreams so they don’t build up into a weight on your whole life. You will also have more time to spend doing what you love.

5. Set a deadline. Set a deadline that you’ll meet. You may as well give yourself some slack when you’re too busy, so you don’t work your brain to death. If you set a date, you won’t have to worry about it dragging out. Good luck!