Don't limit your challenges - Challenge your limits

I'm often faced with the struggle of knowing how to train my clients. A client wants to get ripped, but they don't know what to do.

They're not sure how to train themselves. I am in a position now to help them, and I want to leverage my own time to teach them about weight training properly. I show them how to do proper exercises and how to do them for all three phases in the fat-gain cycle. I teach them to keep themselves in a hypertrophy-growth phase. I teach them to build muscle while they're still in the catabolic phase.

man training with kettlebell

Once they've been in fat-gain phase for a while, I teach them to make a full-body adaptation to muscle-strength weight training. I teach them how to stay in the muscle-training phase so they can keep pushing the boundaries of how much muscle they can gain and how much lean mass they can lose. The next time they're in the catabolic phase, I teach them to stay in the muscle-building phase. Then I teach them how to make the most of hypertrophy as they enter the fat-loss phase. When they've been in fat-loss phase for a while, I teach them to make a full-body adaptation to strength-endurance training with the jump rope. They will then be ready to move on to the fat-loss phase.

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By repeating this cycle—the catabolic, hypertrophy, and fat-loss phases, and then repeating all three phases again one more time—you'll learn how to train effectively, both before and after your clients' lean phase is established. My best clients have been working out and taking in weight for over a year when I first did this with them. I told them, "You should still be training before you stop the fat-gain cycle" because I didn't want to lose their training as they started their fat-loss phase but that's how it goes, the challenges never stop!