Don't change the training but rather the training attitude

Your mind is the most important thing you can change when you exercise.

It controls your body and if you have the wrong mental attitude for training, the training is not going to work. If you train with the wrong attitude you may do just as poorly as no training at all. You have a choice. You can choose to train yourself for competition or you can choose to train to make each jump rope training hour as vital as the next.

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How can you tell when you are training with the wrong attitude? When you feel that way you're training, you feel like just going through the motions for the sake of getting into the gym; it's more of a game and less of a training routine you are following. Why the need to change your attitude and train with the right attitude? Because without change it’s the same old story that doesn’t change. It is your responsibility to decide what the outcome is you want for yourself.


You can think that you will always be a beginner, or, that you will be the best. I say that if you are truly serious about becoming better and better, then you must train with the right attitude, with a purpose and with total commitment. You must train with the ability to win. "I hope it's not over".

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I know how to train very well, and I’m a very motivated competitor. But I am not willing to accept mediocrity. If it has to do with fitness like jumping rope, it’s about self-improvement. I never really cared for competitive training, fitness equipment (apart from jump ropes of course), or any of the fancy high priced stuff. I was always one of the guys in the middle school playing jumping rope and wrestling in the school gym. The other boys were all in organized leagues, and I was just a small, scrawny, and not very fit individual but jumping rope with the training jump rope changed all this.