Core exercise for the muscles to strain and not feeling relaxed

Hold for as long as is comfortable, the longer you hold for your maximum time the better.

The more you move back the more intense the movement is. The movements in this workout are for your core, so it’s important to follow the previous point and ensure you keep your muscles working as hard as you can. Make sure to follow up a session of core strength with a cardio session like jumping rope. You don’t want the muscles in your core to lay idle!

woman exercise plank


Perform every abdominal exercise twice, and after 15-20 repetitions rest. Complete one abdominal series for each exercise, completing 3 sets before resting, and performing 4 sets after each rest. | Exercise 1 1 minute Hold 2 minute Side Bend 3 minute Reverse Crunch | Exercise 2 1 minute Side Bend 2 minute Supine Side Bend 3 minute Rollovers | Repeat the workout 2-3 times and then rest 2-3 days before repeating again.


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