A typical training program

How you learn a program is crucial to whether it works for you, especially those programs that are presented in a lot of detail.

The more you watch training programs in action, the more you'll learn about the mechanics of good training. You may also learn about various mistakes that people make in training, which sometimes can make programming even more important. The first three minutes is the most important time of training. That's when you learn the body position and the way to do the exercise, as well as what type of movement is required to do the movement right.

woman doing abdominals

If your goal is to improve balance and coordination in your daily activities, spend the first three minutes learning how to do the basic movements to create a stable base. Once you've done those three movements perfectly, you can then spend the rest of the program working on the balance movements, getting a better feel for how you're doing with the basic techniques. If your goal is to strengthen your core through the use of the lower extremities, you'll have to incorporate lots of core movements into your program. The head to a leg pose, or movement, is the most basic of the core movements. In a head to a leg pose or movement, you lift the hips off the mat, then move the head forward.

πŸ˜… πŸ—½ 🀢🏿

If you know how to do this movement without the core exercises, practice the head to a leg pose or movement. After you do the head to a leg pose or movement and feel strong in yourself, you can move on to doing the head to a leg pose or movement with the core exercises as the next steps.