A massage increases blood flow and promotes muscle relaxation in your knee or ankle

Plus it makes your muscles feel super relaxed for your workouts!

To get started on your massage journey, there are a many questions. I decided to pull together this list a few common ones, and then answer them below. What Do You Need? First off, let’s talk about what you need to get started.


The equipment you need to get started is simple and inexpensive. Let’s start with a few basics. A massage table or foam roller is your primary tool, as you will be spending almost all your energy on the muscles of your knee or ankle. They’re not too expensive either – a foam roller or massage table can be had for about $60. Now, you may want add a couple of tools like a pillow and/or soft blanket to ease your back, but a few extra tools will help make your time on the mat more comfortable overall, and a more relaxing experience too.


What Kind Of Massage? Many people have a very clear idea in their mind of what kind of massage a certain type of massage, such as an “Indian Massage,” “Swedish Massage,” or my personal favorite, “Swiss Therapy,” has to offer. However, the main difference between these types of massage is whether or not one applies pressure, or kneading. Another important factor is whether the massage is hot or cold.


I will get into some of the different types of massage in great detail below, but for now, let’s look at your other choices in the type of massage that will help you. As mentioned, you can go with a hot or cold massage. While we recommend hot massage to help relax the muscles, the key is keeping your body well-hydrated so you are able to do your jump rope workouts later on.

woman getting a massage